New report showing $37 billion in energy savings through choice system

Energy Saving Tips - AmeriFirst Energy State Rep. Mike Shirkey is touting a new electric deregulation report to further support competition in Michigan’s electric market, but the Michigan Jobs and Energy Coalition is warning that deregulation is “dangerous.”

The report, issued by several Illinois business groups, projects that Illinois electric customers are spending $37 billion less on electricity after the state got rid of its “monopoly-style” electric system and brought in competition and customer choice.

Shirkey emphasized that these are just projected figures but said there should be no doubt of the significant savings. Michigan should learn from Illinois’ successes and mistakes and not be afraid to challenge the current system, he said.

“It is a complex process to move from a model where (electric) generation is basically a monopoly to where it becomes competitive,” Shirkey said. “I think that (the report) should be a wake-up call to us that we should not be afraid to challenge our paradigm.”

The Illinois report, titled “Electricity & Natural Gas Choice in Illinois – a Model for Effective Public Policy Solutions,” was issued by the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association, the Illinois Retail Merchants Association and the Illinois Business Roundtable.

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